Biofiller Platelet-Rich Plasma Procedure in Florence, KY

Biofiller Platelet-rich Plasma Procedure, offered at Elle Skin & Beauty Co in Florence, KY, is an innovative treatment designed to naturally rejuvenate the skin and enhance its appearance. This procedure involves the extraction of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from the patient’s blood, which is then injected into targeted areas of the face to improve skin texture, stimulate collagen production, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. By harnessing the regenerative properties of PRP, this procedure promotes tissue repair and regeneration, resulting in smoother, firmer, and more youthful-looking skin.

The Biofiller Platelet-rich Plasma Procedure can effectively treat various areas of concern, including the forehead, temples, cheeks, nasolabial folds, jawline, and under-eye area. It is suitable for individuals who wish to reduce wrinkles, sagging skin, and volume loss without undergoing invasive surgery. While results may vary from person to person, many patients notice skin texture and tone improvements within a few weeks of the procedure. The longevity of results typically depends on individual factors such as age, skin condition, and lifestyle habits, but many clients enjoy benefits lasting up to 12 months or more. To experience the effects of the Biofiller Platelet-rich Plasma Procedure for yourself, book an appointment with Elle Skin & Beauty Co. today.

Benefits of Biofiller


The Biofiller Platelet-rich Plasma Procedure is ideal for individuals looking to revitalize their skin without resorting to surgical methods.

Individual results may vary, but many clients start noticing improvements within several weeks of undergoing the Biofiller Platelet-rich Plasma Procedure.

While individual experiences may vary, the Biofiller Platelet-rich Plasma Procedure's results typically last up to 12 months or even longer. A maintenance treatment may be recommended to maintain the results and enhance your skin's appearance.

The downtime associated with the Biofiller Platelet-rich Plasma Procedure is minimal, with most clients being able to resume their daily activities shortly after treatment. Temporary side effects, such as mild swelling or redness at the injection sites, may occur, but these usually subside within a few days.

Before your procedure, you should follow any pre-treatment instructions provided by your skincare professional. Afterward, you'll receive guidance on post-treatment care to maximize your results.

During the Biofiller Platelet-rich Plasma Procedure, your provider will draw blood from your arm. The PRP is then isolated and prepared before being gently injected into targeted areas of your face using fine needles. The procedure is typically well tolerated, and most patients report minimal discomfort.

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