How Long Can A Nonsurgical Facelift with PDO Max Threads Last?

While facelift surgery can undoubtedly deliver remarkable and long-lasting results, its extended recovery period, scarring, cost, and other variables can deter many patients from pursuing the procedure. For those individuals seeking an affordable, convenient, and effective alternative that can still make natural-looking enhancements and help reverse the unwanted side effects of facial aging, PDO thread lifts may be the answer. At Elle Skin & Beauty Co. in Florence, KY, aesthetic specialist Emily Duncan performs PDO thread lifting to help give patients the more youthful look they dream of and the long-lasting results they desire. Read on to find out more about how PDO thread lifts can rejuvenate aging facial features, what results may be possible for you, and how long they may last.

What is a PDO thread lift?

A PDO max thread lift — sometimes called a nonsurgical facelift — is a minimally invasive procedure that specifically aims to improve or reverse mild to moderate signs of facial aging without requiring surgery, general anesthesia, or an extended recovery period. As we age, our natural reserves of collagen and elastin dwindle, and our bodies start producing these essential components of smooth, firm, supple skin at a slower rate. This, combined with factors like sun exposure, diet, lifestyle choices, and genetics, contributes to common age-related facial concerns, like sagging skin, wrinkles, and lost volume. A PDO max thread lift can help to minimize the appearance of these signs of aging through the insertion of fine sutures beneath the skin, which lifts and tightens the face while stimulating the production of healthy collagen and elastin fibers. Some common facial aging signs that can be significantly improved or reversed through a PDO thread lift include:

  • Loose facial skin
  • Sagging skin and features
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Smoker’s lines and barcode lines
  • Facial creases and folds
  • Nasolabial folds
  • Drooping jowls
  • Sagging brow
  • Droopy jawline
  • Temporal hollows
  • Thin lips

Do PDO threads last forever?

No, PDO threads are made of a dissolvable, medical-grade material known as polydioxanone (PDO). When placed beneath the skin, these threads stimulate collagen and elastin production while providing a structural framework to build upon. After several months, the threads then begin to dissolve and are ultimately resorbed safely by the body. At Elle Skin & Beauty Co., we use a variety of PDO threads, each of which is designed to target specific concerns:

  • Lifting threads
  • Smooth (smuth) threads
  • Multi threads
  • Cyclone threads

Following a consultation and evaluation of your skin and cosmetic concerns, Emily will help determine the best combination and placement of threads for your PDO thread lift.

How long does a PDO max thread lift last?

Patients typically notice an immediate improvement in their appearance following PDO thread lifts, with the final results becoming more apparent after several weeks. As collagen supplies continue to build, additional improvements should be able to be seen for the next several months. On average, PDO thread lift results last approximately 12 –18 months before a touch-up treatment may be needed. Some patients even enjoy results that endure for up to 24 months. To preserve a more youthful look for longer, many patients choose to undergo cosmetic injections between thread lifts. Additionally, patients can prolong their PDO thread lift results by adhering to a healthy lifestyle and skin care regimen. This may include using topical products as recommended, avoiding sun exposure, minimizing alcohol consumption, and refraining from smoking.

Get results that keep you feeling your best for up to a year or longer with a nonsurgical facelift in Florence, KY

Whether you’re tired of the constant upkeep required by other facial rejuvenation treatments or you’re just starting your anti-aging journey and searching for a convenient, long-lasting solution that isn’t quite as invasive as a surgical facelift, a PDO max thread lift at Elle Skin & Beauty Co. may be right for you. Take the first step toward loving your new look today by calling to schedule your private consultation for a PDO thread lift with experienced aesthetic provider Emily Duncan. We look forward to helping you achieve the beautiful, natural, lasting results you deserve.

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