What Is VISIA Skin Analysis?

VISIA Skin Analysis is a state-of-the-art system that captures real-time images of the face. These images provide precise measurements, allowing us to assess the overall condition and age of your skin accurately. Gaining insights into your skin’s health enables us to develop personalized treatment plans tailored to enhance, revitalize, and improve both your health and appearance. Key features of the VISIA Skin Analysis tool include the advanced age simulation TruSkinAge, which compares your actual age to your skin’s age, and percentile scores that compare you to individuals of the same gender, age, and ethnicity. Explore the benefits of a skin analysis by scheduling a consultation at Elle Skin & Beauty Co. in Northern Kentucky.

How Does VISIA Skin Analysis Work?

VISIA Skin Analysis at Elle Skin & Beauty Co. offers patients a comprehensive view of their skin’s health. The machine captures detailed photos of the skin up close using cross-polarized and UV lighting. Similar to a dental scan, you’ll rest your chin on a stand, and the VISIA will capture high-quality images. The machine rotates around to different areas of the face during the photo capture process. Afterward, the images are analyzed to assess skin health and identify any existing conditions or concerns. The scan detects imperfections such as uneven textures, sun damage, wrinkles, pores, hyperpigmentation, and bacteria. Learn more about VISIA Skin Analysis and how we utilize the information to guide your treatment by scheduling an appointment in our Northern Kentucky office.

What To Expect?

During this service, a nurse practitioner will spend 45 minutes reviewing your medical history, medications, lifestyle, and skincare routine. We will use VISIA to capture images of your skin, providing measurable data to inform our treatment plan and optimize your results. Whether building a regimen from scratch or modifying your existing routine, we’ll address your concerns and recommend treatments tailored to your needs.

Cross-polarized and UV lighting are employed to record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions. Objective measurements of eight aging factors, including spots, wrinkles, texture, porphyrins, pores, red areas, brown spots, and UV spots, are obtained.

VISIA determines the patient’s overall skin condition and age, offering a groundbreaking metric to guide the selection of skincare products and treatment options.



Gain Valuable Insight into Your Skin

If you’ve ever wondered about the health of your skin, a VISIA skin analysis may be for you. It can provide valuable information to help you improve and heal. You’ll learn about the current age of your skin, the damage it has received, and how it compares to others so our team can create personalized treatments that address skin concerns. Gain insight into your current skin health by scheduling a VISIA skin analysis at Elle Skin & Beauty Co. in Northern Kentucky today.

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